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Our Approach

Flexis Hospitality SolutionsThe flexis approach to all projects is to have a flexible outlook, in the knowledge that no two businesses are the same, with the same objectives and priorities. We aim to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client.

We also aim to respond quickly to any situation, ensuring that no time is lost particularly for any business critical activities. The nature of the business is that it has to operate 24/7 and we need to support that.

Generally projects are carried out by the 2 founder members of the flexis team, whose experience covers a broad range of operational disciplines.

However, we are the first to acknowledge that some projects require the specialist input from another industry expert, and so we nurture a network of appropriate people who can apply their particular expertise to a client project, operating under the flexis brand.

An example of this may be for HR legal advice, or for some major IT projects. This is managed on a seamless basis, with the main client contact always being one of the main flexis team members.

Project Process

The flexis team will be happy to speak to any hotel or hospitality business about prospective projects. A normal process would be for one or more of the team to visit the property or group of properties, to get a good feel for the business and discuss the issues and opportunities. An initial scoping meeting is at no cost or commitment to the client – it is purely an investigation as to what your business needs are and how flexis may or may not be able to support.

flexis would then develop a proposal for any activity, clearly costed and with clear time frames set out.

Often as a project gets underway, the remit will alter as the needs become more clearly defined. flexis will keep you up to date on any changes to the project and no additional charges will be made unless agreed in advance with the client.

flexis generally makes charges based on an estimate of the time a project will take. We do not take commissions or fees from 3rd parties. This keeps us neutral in the advice and recommendations we make, and if any commissions are offered we will ask for them to be offered direct to the client as a discount.