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Hotel Purchase

Flexis Hospitality SolutionsBuying a hotel is a dream for many people who have a passion for the hospitality industry. In order to make sure that the dream doesn’t become a nightmare, and for your own peace of mind, you need to make sure that every possible facet of owning, operating and managing a hotel, has been thought through in advance.

This is where we can be of help to you. We can be that “sanity check”.

The flexis team has experience in supporting individual first time hotel buyers or small hotel groups looking to expand, search for, review, purchase and take over new hotels.

Some of the areas we can advise on or manage include:

  • Hotel search and review. This could be an established property, conversion or a new build
  • Feasibility reports and market studies
  • Overseeing the purchase process in liaison with other 3rd parties, (selling agents etc)
  • Early stage handover of operations
  • Management of the recruitment process from GM to HODs
  • Assess and explore branding opportunities
  • Developing sales, marketing and distribution plans
  • Property Management System advice and implementation
  • Formulate an operating budget, down to EBITDA
  • Establish and implement operating procedures and standards
  • Maintain a supporting role for the team until such time as the owner is comfortable with their abilities