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Project Management

Flexis Hospitality SolutionsIt is often the case in smaller hotel groups and hospitality businesses that the expertise to handle a particular or complex project does not always exist in house. A hotel has so many business disciplines to cover, and so there is a need to source support externally.

The flexis team handles strategic projects across different business disciplines. For example, we could be looking at a project to reduce food costs in a hotel restaurant, a project to develop and launch a new product into the weddings sector or a project to improve the cash flow situation of a hotel.

Having seen most scenarios in other properties, flexis is well-placed to bring that expertise to your business.

A project would normally be a temporary role, with a specific measurable objective. What we do find is that once a successful project has been undertaken for a client, it often develops into a longer term relationship whereby flexis can support a business across a number of areas, and work together to reach the business objectives.

flexis can also advise on strategies and feasibilities for purchasing a hotel, especially for independent hoteliers looking at expanding their portfolio or perhaps first time hotel buyers getting into the hotel market for the first time.

Troubleshooting Projects

Every hotel and hospitality business is exposed to the risks of an ever-changing business environment and often, when problems occur, it is difficult to see a clear solution when you are so close to the day to day operation.

flexis has gained extensive experience in dealing with most of the issues that can be thrown at hospitality businesses, from loss of key members of the team, loss of key customers to issues surrounding reputation management and PR.

Often a Troubleshooting Project will take the form of a day on site, assessing and discussing the issues and even “brainstorming” ideas with the team. The ownership of implementing any actions or changes can then be handled in house by the team. Or, a project may involve the flexis team working alongside the hotel team to implement the necessary changes to get the problem solved.