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Hotel Operations

Flexis Hospitality SolutionsOften the starting point for flexis operational support in a hotel or hospitality business is to review or create the business plan, look at budgets and trading results, to get a clear picture, in real terms, of the current situation and challenges.

The team can then focus their efforts on the areas that do really need support and look to achieve the agreed goals.

One of the key objectives is working with a hotel team, co-ordinating the disciplines, rather than them working against each other, with a clear set of objectives that can be shared across the whole team.

Operational support may also take the form of product and service audits, mystery caller visits or other mechanisms for assessing how the business is performing and what levels of product and service are being delivered. Operational standards can then be set and monitored.

A part of the role may also be to review the team structure and team members, ensuring that the right people are in the right roles across a business.