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Revenue Management

Flexis Hospitality SolutionsThe science of Hotel Revenue Management can be applied to all properties with bedrooms and function rooms. The principle that the majority of a hotel’s profits come from room sales is rarely broken and so these principles can be applied to a greater or lesser degree, usually depending on the number of rooms a property has.

flexis can support in putting in place the tools to help you understand the rooms sales aspect of your business and take practical steps in optimising revenues. This can include :

  • Room sales reporting and analysis
  • Inventory management
  • Channel management
  • Competitor analysis and pricing comparisons
  • Creation of a rooms selling strategy
  • Implementation of Yield management systems
  • Revenue management training

Much of the work is handled by the flexis team, but in some cases, for example hotels with a larger bed stock or teams needing specific systems training, we have a network of revenue management specialists that we work with.